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Welcome to Julius Ilori & Education Advocacy, a pioneering organization dedicated to revolutionizing education delivery in Nigeria. We are driven by the belief that every child, regardless of their background, deserves access to quality education and the opportunity to thrive academically and beyond. Our founder, Julius Ilori, hails from Ajegunle, a rural area where he witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by his peers who dropped out of school due to various socioeconomic factors. Inspired by his experiences, Julius embarked on a mission to ensure that education reaches the less privileged children in Nigeria.

At Julius Ilori & Education Advocacy, we leverage technology, innovative teaching methodologies, and strategic collaborations to bridge the educational gap and empower out-of-school children. Our approach is centered around empowering teachers, enhancing teacher-student relationships, and utilizing technology to create engaging learning experiences.

We understand the importance of strong teacher-student relationships in fostering a conducive learning environment. Through specialized training programs, we equip educators with the skills to build connections with their students, promoting a positive and supportive classroom atmosphere.

Our commitment to innovation drives us to incorporate cutting-edge technology into education. We provide teachers with the tools and resources they need to deliver interactive and captivating lessons that spark curiosity and enhance student understanding. By embracing digital platforms, multimedia resources, and online learning tools, we ensure that education remains accessible, regardless of geographical constraints.

We work closely with the Lagos State Government and other stakeholders to identify communities with high rates of out-of-school children. Through targeted outreach initiatives, we engage parents, community leaders, and local organizations to create awareness about the importance of education and encourage children's enrollment and attendance in schools.

Our team of dedicated experts develops customized curricula that align with the Nigerian educational system while incorporating innovative teaching approaches. We focus not only on academic knowledge but also on holistic learning, critical thinking, and skills development, preparing students to thrive in the ever-evolving world.

With Julius Ilori & Education Advocacy, collaboration is at the heart of his work. I forge partnerships with educational institutions, NGOs, and government agencies to maximize our impact and create a sustainable educational ecosystem. Together, we strive to empower the next generation of leaders and change-makers in Nigeria. Join us in our mission to transform education for the less privileged children in Nigeria. Together, we can break down barriers, create equal opportunities, and empower every child to unlock their full potential. Together, let's revolutionize education in Nigeria and shape a brighter future for all.

About Me